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Texas Two Step

This program is simple and effective in increasing tree vigor and protecting your trees against spring time worms Regardless if you want to increase the vigor of your trees, have or had insect or disease infestations that the tree is recovering from or if you have or have had worm problems in the past, this is the program for you.

Step 1: Deep Root Fertilization with Insect Control. Deep Root fertilization using our spring blend. This helps the tree develop its immune system, as well as elongate branches┬áby increasing the size of the cells that were produced in the fall. Furthermore, a systemic worm killer is injected into the soil around the base of the tree. The tree will absorb and distribute this product throughout the tree in 24 hours, thus forming an invisible shield of protection against all worms that would feed upon him Our technique is environmentally friendly and more effective than traditional spraying of the tree with a pesticide, as our product can’t be washed off by rain, and there’s no danger of pesticide drift.

Step 2: Fall Deep Root Fertilization to build foliage the next growing season as the amount of nutrients received in the fall, is proportional to the density of foliage in the spring. This fertilizer is injected directly into the root zone of the tree under pressures of about 150 psi. This helps loosen the soil and increase oxygen transfer. The fertilizer is a mixture of both macro and micro nutrients at a rate recommended by Texas A&M and the Texas Forestry Association This fertilization is responsible for vigorous growth, cellular division, and insect and disease defense for the coming new year. Fall fertilizations are very important for any tree that was stressed the previous year, from insect damage or environmental damage such as waterlogged soils, compacted roots or construction damage.

Please note that The Texas Two Step program does not require the spraying of any product into the air.

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