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FREE 80 Page Lawn Care Guide!

Real Green Pest and LawnEnjoy our exclusive book, “Secrets to a Great Lawn” as our welcome gift to you.

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Free “Watering And Mowing Guide For The Austin Area”

Enjoy our exclusive pamphlet: “Watering and Mowing Guide for the Austin Area” as our gift to you. This book will explain how much to water each specific type of grass, based on sunlight, temperature and rainfall. It will help you calibrate your irrigation system as well as set the run times for the exact amount of water need. It will explain and recommend mowing heights for various types of grass.

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Use this guide in conjunction with our Water Wizard
Receive both the 80 page Lawn Care book (in paperback) as well as our Watering And Mowing Guide (full color brochure) when you request a lawn analysis online. Click Here