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Core Aeration, Soil Modification

Aeration is the process in which cores of thatch and soil are punched and pulled out of your lawn. Aeration opens up of the soil and allows water, nutrients, and oxygen to penetrate and improve the root zone for a healthier soil and stronger turfgrass root system.  Aeration can reduce watering by up to 50%.
e aeration lawn turf
grasslawn aeration Austin Texas
  Aeration 1  
  Compact soil prevents the grass from establishing a healthy root system. Adequate amounts of vital turf nutrients including water, oxygen, nitrates, phosphorus, and potassium are unable to reach the roots.
  Aeration 2  
  Aerators relieve soil compaction by removing evenly-spaced cores of turf up to 3" in depth. Standard coring spoons or optional spike and slicing blade reels enable you to tailor aeration to grasses and soil conditions.
  Aeration 3  
  Once the soil is aerated, air exchange is improved and the soil can easily absorb water, fertilizer, and
other nutrients.
  Aeration 4

Aeration promotes deeper root growth for a lawn that is lush, healthy and drought resistant.