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More Green, Less Weeds, Less Money!

Lawn Care Service - Tree Care -   Weed Control Service - Fertilization Service - Austin Texas     Lawn Care Service - Tree Care  Weed Control Service - Fertilization Service - Austin Texas  Austin Welcome                      The drought has made it hard to care for lawns. We understand that you may have hired another lawn company and didn't get the results you wanted. In 2014 Real Green customers were awarded over 50 Lawn of the Month awards, because we're small enough to react with care and experienced enough to know what to do. While other companies have recently introduced water saving surfactants and are charging for them, Real Green has always included them. More customers switch to Real Green than all other companies combined. Why waste time anywhere else?

Real Greens customers received more "Lawns of the Month" awards than all the other companies combined.
(Based on 2014, Austin Metro Market)

The Real Green Guarantee.                                                                                                                                                                        


Real Green's Basic Program National Co.'s Basic Program
Custom blended, slow release fertilizers formulated for Austin. YES NO
4 Pre-emergent weed control applications. YES NO
Surfactants applied every treatment to help moisture & nutrient uptake. YES NO
Micro-nutrient treatments for a healthier lawn and soil. YES NO
pH monitoring and correction with every treatment. YES NO
Organic bio-stimulants for healthier soil. YES NO
2 Applications of Humic Acid- with micro-nutrients for healthy soil and plants. YES NO
Spot treat for visible fire ant mounds on every visit. YES NO
1 Application of compost tea for healthier soil. YES NO
Midsummer insect treatment to help control scorpions, spiders, and roaches using organic botanical products. YES NO
Dallas grass treatments at no additional charge. YES NO
Sulfur and Iron treatments. YES NO
We use organic products whenever possible. We will always use the least toxic approach available. YES NO
Locally owned by the same Austin family since 1989. Rock solid techniques for Austin. YES NO
One reactive spot treatment for Brown Patch. YES NO
One reactive spot treatment for Grub Worms. YES NO
Surfactants added year round, for moisture control, at no cost. YES NO
Unlimited visits between normally scheduled applications. YES NO
Visible results or your money back. YES NO
Average payment for most lawns on our basic program. 29.96 65.00

As part of our normal program
1. We treat the total lawn and soil. We apply soil enhancement products including  organic bio-stimulants. (using products like Medina Plus).
2. We apply Micronutrient Treatments (many Micronutrients are not available in Austin's soil. This leads to many disease problems, such as Take All Patch)
3. We provide ongoing soil pH monitoring, and apply Sulfur as part of our normal treatment. (Sulfur is a natural fungicide, and helps buffer the high Ph of Austin's soil.)
4.  These are only a few of the differences.
More about our Lawn Care Program.

The Real Green Guarantee. 

We offer professional grade products, knowledgeable staff, the attention you will appreciate, all at a price you can afford. Find our our approach to total plant health care here.


Support your local economy by choosing local businesses first! We're better and we care.
(512) 454-7336

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